Book Review: Not Always a Saint by Mary Jo Putney

Not Always a Saint by Mary Jo Putney

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I haven’t read a historical romance in a long time, and I thought I’d pick this up (well I picked up a Lisa Kleypas one, but I didn’t get a chance to read it) so here I am with Not Always a Saint by Mary Jo Putney, my very first novel of hers that I’ve read, and I’ve actually enjoyed the book, mostly because I’ve never read one of her books before.

I actually enjoyed this book, mostly because of the concept of a doctor becoming a Lord and he didn’t want it, and a woman who’s beautiful and is worried about her daughter once her husband died. But the beginning, when he took care of her when she got abused by her first husband and was never seen again. Then years later, when her second husband died, she went into mourning with her daughter, Beth, and that’s when they saw each other again. Sure he fell for her again, and even got married. But I think my favorite parts of this book is when Jessie told Daniel her sordid past, and he didn’t touch her after that. Like I feel the respect from him, mostly because he’s a doctor and knows what he’s doing, and then he gives her the space and respect for her to breathe before they come back as husband and wife.

I also loved the ending. It was beautiful, how they get to marry her mother and George, the man her mother married after running away from Jessie’s horrible father, who was a preacher. The father was a very cruel man who pretty much don’t follow the bible or his teachings at all. And when Jessie told Daniel about her first husband, Ivo Tremaine (and also about Frederick Kelham and how he wanted everything from his Uncle Philip, but everything went to Beth) and what she did, I’m happy he respected her and still loved her.

I was shocked that Ivo came back, then when they escaped their prison and went back to the house at Castle Romayne, that’s when they find out that Ivo is dead, and that he had a brother that was pretending to be him. This brother told them what happened and how Frederick told him the half-truth, but he stayed alive while Frederick got shot and died before he could shoot Jessie. But all in all, this book was a whirlwind to read and I’m glad that I read it. Might pick up another one of her books when I get a chance.

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Book Review: Skin Game, a novel of the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

Hey y’all!

So y’all are gonna get two book reviews today, because I finished up two books (like I thought I would) and gonna work on the other books I have on my Kindle (Truthwitch and maybe another book that I got on NetGalley) so here’s the first book of the two book reviews posts today, and the other will come after I do my hair and take meds so I can eat…yay….

Skin Game by Jim Butcher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow….this book right here…I have so many words for the book, but thank god this is a review because I enjoyed this book so much that I had to wait till I get done watching some TV so I can properly book review this lovely book.

As the summary stated, Harry Dresden is having a bad day. I mean, he’s the Winter Knight to the Queen of Air and Darkness and he’s a wizard, so that’s a lot. Especially when Mab orders him to work for his arch enemy, Nicodemus Archelone, to break into a vault and get something, then turn around and betray him. He does that, but there’s a twist to it.

The vault? Belongs to none other than Hades himself.

What did Nicodemus want from said vault that belongs to the Lord of the Underworld?

The Holy Grail.

That’s right, folx. The. Holy. Fucking.. Grail.

Yeah. That big.

And then the relationships between Harry and Murphy (which I ship so damned much) and of course, Harry and his cute, adorable daughter Maggie that made me cry because it was so darn cute when he tucked her into bed and read her a bedtime story. And then the ending when he and Murphy kissed in the hospital…my heart couldn’t take it anymore because it was that damned good and wanted them to keep kissing forever, but they were in a hosptial and couldn’t.


Anyway, back to the action of why Murphy was in the hospital…

It was because of dumbass Archelone and him attacking her and taunting Harry….ooof it made me so mad. But that…I’m trying to think of a way to do it politely but I can’t, so I’m just gonna say it…that sex dream he had about Murphy that I wish came true (sans that shooting him in the head part). Oh, and by the way…

Apparently also Harry’s pregnant with some weird spirit thing, and I love his inner self so much. His inner self told him to:

“Go fourth and freaking multiply! Drink from the Cup of Life! Carpe femme! For the love of God, get laid.”-Harry Dresden’s Inner Self

I love this quote so much. And I want to read MORE Harry Dresden so much (and the next two books he got coming out).

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Books I’m Done With & Updates on Current Reads

Hey, y’all!

So because of COVID-19 and everyone staying in the house, I’ve been reading a whole lot lately (and play video and TTRPG games), and along with staying in the house, I’ve been reading a lot, and haven’t done much reviewing, which is my bad. So I thought that I’d do a small update of what I’ve been reading and stuff.

Done Reading:

Horse Crazy (Saddle Club #1) by Bonnie Bryant-Four out of Five Stars

This book was alright-I grabbed it on my Kindle (whaaat? Brittany’s reading on the Kindle app? Blaphaspomous!) and it was okay-just talked about the beginnings of the Saddle Club and how they helped Stevie with her Math project. Will I read the rest of the series? Maybe, maybe not. But if I’m really board then yeah, I’ll read it again.

War Crimes: A World of Warcraft novel by Christine Golden-Five out of Five Stars

This book…made me so mad. I hated Garrosh for everything he did, I hated him for just siting there, acting so damned smug. I wanted to write a response to this book, but I didn’t (maybe I should…). I actually enjoyed this book so much that I wished it didn’t end, though I’m thinking about playing WoW while I’m out (though I have a feeling that I’m going to abandon it as soon as school starts).

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Evil that Men Do by Nancy Holder-Three in a half out of Five Stars

So I read this book when I was young and Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on TV (I have one of the seasons on DVD), and reading this again kinda sorta brought back so many memories of me checking out this book and reading it over and over again till I basically knew the story by heart. But reading it now, I realize that I loved Angel (and still do) and also Julian was kinda hot till he died.

Books I’m Currently Reading:

Skin Game: a Dresden Files novel by Jim Butcher (93% done, gonna book review it tomorrow once I’m one)

Once again, Harry Dresden is making me ask a ton of questions, but other than that, I’m actually enjoying myself as I read this book. Hades is in it, and good lord I love him more now than I did before, Harry is ‘Parkour’ing almost every single time, and the heist was perfection. Also I hate Nicodemus Archelone so, so much. It’s an enjoyable book and I want to read more Dresden.

Not Always a Saint (The Lost Lords #7) by Mary Jo Putney (83% done, might be the same thing this weekend)

I haven’t read a historical romance novel in a long time, and I picked this up from the library. Thus I cannot put it down. I’m hooked on it, and now I hunger to read more historical romance novels (got some loaded on my IPad so when I get a chance, I will sit my ass down and start reading them, starting with Courtney Milan’s The Governess Affair, then maybe start Say Yes to the Marquess by Tessa Dare once I’m done).

Truthwitch (The Witchlands, #1) by Susan Dennard (47% done)

This book, I have to say, is very interesting. I’m enjoying it, and I might sit down and just read it when I get a chance. The world is awesome and I love the Bloodwitch already and how sassy he is. Prince Merik is alright, and I love love LOVE Safi. Also I’m reading this on my IPad via the Kindle app, so how much am I gonna read, I don’t know, but I love this world and I don’t wanna leave it. One day I will buy/check out the physical copy of this book so I can have it in my library forever.

Book Review: The Crystal Shard (Legend of Drizzt #4) by R.A. Salvatore

The Crystal Shard by R.A. Salvatore

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Once again. R.A. Salvatore has surprised me once again.

This book was so good in so many ways:

-The introduction of Wulfgar (aka my new boyfriend because HE’S SEVEN FOOT TALL)
-The introduction of Regis and Akar Kessell
-The demons Errtu and Crenshinibon
-The dragon Icewing Death and the making of Aegis-Fang
-Icewind Dale and how it was nearly destroyed

I really enjoyed this book so much. I got worried at some parts that made me go ‘oh no’ but other than that I enjoyed it so much that I’m debating (like I always do) to start reading more of this series, or take a break and read something else for a little bit. But then you’re taken for a ride and everything just…I loved it so much that I might just go on reading the next book or just read something else, just to give this a little break before I pick it up again…Gaahhh I don’t know but I’m going to think about it.

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Book Review: Exile (Legend of Drizzt #2) by R.A. Salvatore

Exile by R.A. Salvatore

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Two of the Legend of Drizzt series, and I enjoyed this one. This book is a continuation of the first book, and it was fantastic, just like the many other books I’ve read written by Mr. Salvatore. Drizzt is exiled from his home, and his trying to live his life traveling along the Underdark. His family is after him, once again, and while that was going on, Drizzt is fighting wizards, being a slave to yochols (which I shivered at because WTF), and befriending a clacker and becoming friends to a deep gnomes.

He even leaned the language of the gnomes, which was fun and enjoyable to read.

But the one thing that pisses me off more is when Matron Malice-that bitch, I fucking can’t stand her and I’m so glad that she’s dead, though I pissed that Dinin is alive-brought back Zaknafein and thought she could control him, but um, that did’t work. He sacrificed himself and went back to the spirit world, never to return, and Dinin and my messy son Jarlaxle Banere (whom I love so, so much , and that I’m hoping he’ll show up (newsflash, he is and I’m so excited) made a deal to get Drizzt soon, but not now, later, maybe soon.

And then he walks out of Menzroberranzan, never to be seen ever again, to finally go to the surface, just like in the next book, book 3.

I loved this book so much, and I’m so glad I’ve read his story in the first three books, and now I’m gonna read the Crystal Shard tonight (among my many other books I have on my currently reading list).

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Book Review: Homeland (Legend of Drizzt #1) by R.A. Salvatore

Homeland by R.A. Salvatore

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is the first book of the Legend of Drizzt series, and the first book of the Dark Elf Trilogy…and holy crap Mr. Salvatore this is a beautiful book. I’ve had so many feels while reading this book, I got worried about Drizzt in the book, and also I got worried about his father, Zaknafein. Like all I want is a book with just Drizzt and Zak, being father and son, and living happily together, far away from Menzoberranzan and their political bullshit and the backstabbing that could make Andy Cohen blush.

Here this book is about the life of Drizzt when he’s living in Menzoberranzan. From his birth to him killing Masoj, the only Dark Elf he ever killed, to meeting his cat Guenhwyvar. We also meet his famiily-Matron Malice, Briza, Vierna, Maya, Dinin-and I don’t give a flying fuck about them. All of them can rot in hell for all I care. I hated the so much-okay, maybe I liked Vierna and Rizzen, those two can stay with Drizzt and Zak. The others can fucking die in a sewer and I wouldn’t give a fuck about them-they can just die for all I care.

But this book made me worry, I think I nearly had anxiety just reading this beautiful book almost made me cry, for many reasons:

1.) Zak’s sacrifice so Drizzt can live because that bit was bullshit
2.) Matron Malice hunger for power-like seriously, bitch, calm the fuck down, be glad you’re the fucking ninth house and calm your tits.
3.) The beatings Drizzt got made me so damned mad, even though I know that’s how they live and do things, but fuck those snake whips, they look like it hurt like hell and he dealt with it
4.) Drizzt saving the surface elf from his kin-the sweetest thing my boyfriend have ever done, and I’m glad he left that horrible place. I wouldn’t survive Menzoberranzan, even if I was a drow/dark elf.

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