Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Night Play (Were-Hunter, #1; Dark-Hunter, #5)Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What can I say about this book? It has a whole lot of sexy werewolves, FEELS, some wibbly wobbly timey wimey (I am convinced that Vane is a mini Time Lord and he’s his own personal TARDIS). This was an awesome book and it made me want a Vane so I can keep him myself so he won’t get away.

Vane sees Bride in her store after he was watching Sunshine and as soon as he brought her that $600 Victorian necklace, the feels happened. It happened to the point that I cried because I wanted to be in Bride’s place. So after the feels and me crying up a storm through their first date and all, then I was introduced to Taylor, Bride’s stupid-ass ex-boyfriend, who latterly called her fat. EXCUSE ME, SON? Is what I said before Vane showed up, punched Taylor and paid the moving men to put Bride’s things back where they belong. Then when they were having lunch, Vane’s hand showed the same mark that was on Bride’s hand and the only thing that was hilarious was that Bride thought that Vane was a serial killer.

So Bride called Tabitha and they went to Amanda and Kyrian’s house, where Vane and Fury explained everything AFTER Amanda mistakenly let in the demon Alastor and Vane had to beat him up and such, then Bride was kidnapped by Alastor and was sent to the Dark Ages, when Bride met Vane’s mother, Bryani. Bryani tells Bride the long and everlasting story of how she met Vane’s father and how she gave birth to Vane, Fury, Fang and three human children, that she wanted to kill the three Katagari but never did. Then she saw the mark on Bride’s hand and goes, ‘Oh I’m sorry Bride, there is only one way to break the mark,’ And all of a sudden all those guys stating going after her like they were going to rape her.

Thank god for Vane who flashed in (like a TARDIS, but without a sound) and saved Bride from those rapist bastards and then for two weeks, they spent some time together. When Vane went to see Fang for a while, Bride had dinner with Valerius (they were at his house at this time) and Valerius was the perfect host and when Vane came back, Valerius told Vane that Bride’s a good mate and that he would protect her I think. Vane was shocked to hear Valerius’ pledge.

To me the most romantic part of the book was Thanksgiving dinner with Bride’s family. Even though Fury and Vane was a little uncomfortable, they helped Bride’s father with a troublesome dog. But the one thing that made me made as hell was Bride’s sister, Deidre, saying that Vane’s out of her sister’s league and that she was better with Taylor. Really, bro? Really?

But my favorite part was when Bride and Vane went to Sanctuary for a Thanksgiving dinner, Vane and Bride went to see Fang and as soon as Vane went to get drinks, Bryani showed up…and let’s just say that Bride TOLD Bryani that if she comes near her and Vane again…she’ll don on her camo, hunt her down, and skin her till she screams.


Then at the end, Vane sang ‘Story of Us’ and they got engaged. Then Simi said what every girl wishes from her favorite actor/model/singer/wrestler: akri, get Travis Fimmel here so he can marry me!’

Simi…I’m with you on that.

But Ash said no (*cries*) but then it alls good because at the end, Mr. Mini-TARDIS Kattalakis went to the Island and made a couple of changes to his parents fates (WAIT A MINUTE…HE CAN’T DO THAT!! Can he? Oh yeah he just did…dang this wibbly wobbly, timey wimey thing) and then he went back to Bride and held her…which made me have feels again.

I do reconmend this book a whole lot an I hope you’ll love it like I did!

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