Book Review: Classic: An It Girl Novel by Cecily von Ziegesar

Classic (It Girl, #10)Classic by Cecily von Ziegesar

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s Valentine’s day at Waverly, and everyone is paired up for that week, thanks to the Perfect Match system. Everyone’s happy….or are they? Jenny Humphries thought she can spend the whole week with her perfect boyfriend, Isaac Dresdsen, the dean’s son. But things don’t go well at the Valentine’s Dance where Isaac’s girlfriend, Molly, showed up and Jenny realized that Isaac was nothing more than a liar and she ran out of the Ball, but before she ran back to Dumbarton, she looked at her friend Brett Messerschmidt, who saw the text message between Isaac and Molly when she went over the dean’s house to spend time with her Perfect Match, which was Isaac and not Jenny. Jenny was paired up with Julian McCafferty, who was nice to her during the week.

Callie was torn between two guys-Brandon Buchanan and Easy Walsh, who came back from military school. She met up with Easy before school started (that was because he was standing outside waiting on her) and during the week, all she cared about was both boys, until she realized that all she cared about was what Easy was doing, and not Brandon. Oh and Callie was paired with Alan St. Girard, a stoner and Brandon was paired with a girl named Cora, who basically did the Perfect Match thing and liked Brandon and at the end (*sounds like Sheldon Cooper* spoiler alert!) get together. At the Valentine’s Ball, both Easy and Brandon collected hearts and the people was about to announce the name of the person who got the most hearts, Brandon said ‘forget it’ because before they started searching for these hearts to Callie, she sent them a break-up form e-mail, thanks to stoner Alan, and at the end, Easy and Callie got together.

Oh Miss Tinsley Carmichael. Tinsley, Tinsley, Tinsley. What can I say about you? Your Perfect Match was Heath Ferro and you got your revenge with your best friend Brett on Isla (no, not Elsa from Disney’s Frozen), whom you hate so much after the party she threw at the dean’s house, but got you in trouble and had to do community service. But when you tried to find out what did Isla did in her old school, you went diggin’ until you found Isla’s geeky ex-boyfriend Xander, got some EMBRASSING photos of her, and at the Ball showed them to the school. You, my friend, were the only one laughing while everyone else glared at you. In the bathroom in which you slinked to, you and Isla called it truce.

Brett Messerschmidt, your partner in crime, was deeply jealous of Isla to go through with this Operation: Embrass Isla that you ignored your boyfriend Sebastian Valenti because he was litterly all over Isla and you were jealous. You were also matched up with Jenny’s boyfriend Isaac and when you saw those text messages, you wanted to tell Jenny but you didn’t until the end when Jenny met Molly and left. But you got back in Sebastian’s good graces at the end.

All in all this was a good book and I enjoyed it a whole lot.

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