Book Review: Burned, a House of Night novel by P.C. and Kristin Cast

Burned (House of Night, #7)Burned by P.C. Cast

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Zoey’s soul has shattered as soon as she saw Kalona kill her human consort, Heath Luck…in which I gasped and called him a jerk-off for doin’ that, but as I digress, her soul has shattered and she’s wondering around with Heath, who’s trying to get her soul back. In the real world, tho…Neferet, being the TOTAL bitch from hell, tells Kalona to go to the Otherworld to make sure Zoey don’t come back. (shall I laugh from this? Shall I? Yes, yes I shall).

So the rest of the gang that are there in Italy-Aphrodite, Darius, Stark, Shaunee, Erin, Jack and Damien, are trying to find a way to get Stark to the Otherworld to bring Zoey back-and the only way how is for Stark to die. So they go to this place where this totally awesome warrior queen and her Guardian told him that they can help him get to the Otherworld to bring Zoey back-and stop Kalona from carrying out Neferet’s evil plan. (Once again, shall I laugh at this?) Even though Stark had to fight himself first to get through and find Zoey, it was worth it, even though the painful part of it was that he had to tell Heath to let go of Zoey.

In Tulsa, though…Stevie Rae, the current Red High Priestess, found Rephaim and saved him. Like..saved him, saved him. She kept him underground for a while, thinkin’ that he’ll be safe, but NOPE THAT DIDN’T WORK, NOW DID IT?! Reason why is because of the rouge red fledglings wanted to kill Stevie Rae, but somehow Rephaim saved her, making her break her Imprint with Aphrodite and imprinted with him. Then she hid him in an old house that was filled with spirits, and she herself summoned the wrong bull (gee, thanks Aphrodite for not tellin’ her which bull was Darkness and which bull was Light) and Rephaim saved her from that by giving himself up for her, which I thought was really sweet. Then…then the thing happened with Dallas/Stevie Rae/Rephaim where Dallas went through the change and almost attacked the Raven Mocker. But thank god he didn’t (though I would really wanna see that fight…)

So back in the Otherworld, once Stark told Heath to let go of Zoey and to move on, Kalona appeared and the two of them started to fight and Zoey finally put the pieces of her soul back, and she told Kalona to pay up. Kalona said no I won’t do it, then Nyx appeared and forced him to do it, bringing Stark back to life. Then Stark fed from Zoey, and her tattoos and her elements came back to her, healing Stark and then they came back to the real world.

Honestly? This is an amazing book with a bunch of twists and turns and I really do recommend this a lot.

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Book Review: Tempted, a House of Night Novel by P.C. and Kristin Cast

Tempted (House of Night, #6)Tempted by P.C. Cast

My rating: 5 of 5 stars



From the banishment of Kalona and Neferet (I really, REALLY hate her), to Darius and Aphrodite sharing a beautiful moment (my OTP for life), and Zoey and the gang going to Venice to talk to the Vampyre High Council, then when Heath died (R.I.P. Heath….BECAUSE RIGHT NOW I CAN’T WITH WHAT KALONA DID!!) it was just a whirlwind of action.

I was skeptical of Rephaim and kept wondering why Stevie Rae kept him alive, but then when he saved her from almost getting burned, thanks to those rouge red fledglings….I hope as I keep reading that he turns out to be on the good side, and not look for his STUPID DADDY.

But I loved this book all the way up to the end and I can’t wait to read more!!!!

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