Book Review: Entwined by Heather Dixon

EntwinedEntwined by Heather Dixon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is a beautiful retelling of the story The Twelve Dancing Princesses, a story I heard of, but never read before. In the beginning of the book, the Mother dies while giving birth to the 12th princess, Lily, and the girls has been into morning, but then they found a magical portal, where it lead to a ballroom…with a very handsome Keeper.

The girls go to that place every single night, keeping it away from their father the King, who locks them away in a room so they can morn. The girls hate it so much that they honestly loved going to their speical place to dance. But then one day, they realized that a watch was missing. So the oldest one, Azelea, goes back to ask the Keeper if he seen it…and he does…in fact, he kept it. Azelea got mad and swore that she and her sisters will never return. But there was something…how can I put it…odd…he said something about the girls not coming back he’ll do something that rubbed me the wrong way.

Outside the magical portal, gentlemen left and right are trying to win some of the girls’ hands, but Bramble don’t care at all about marriage, Clover’s in love with the Prime Minister, and Azelea fell for Mr. Brandford-slowly, though.

Close to the end (the part that ticked me off to no end), the Keeper came out of the magical portal and wanted to kill the King..and he didn’t (ha ha) and trapped the girls in magical mirrors. The King and Azelea broke the mirrors and freed the girls and fought the Keeper, who used his magic to be Azelea, But that didn’t work and the Keeper went away, never to be seen again.

But I liked the ending of the book, the girls got their happy ending and are building the relationship back with their father the King.

This book had some twists and turns, including the promise Azelea made on her Mother’s deathbed, promising that she’ll watch over the girls and the King, which was awesome. And the dances in the book were beuatiful-made me cry in the inside.

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