Book Review: Killer: A Pretty Little Liars novel by Sara Shepard

Killer (Pretty Little Liars, #6)Killer by Sara Shepard

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book had some twists and turns, and I enjoyed every single last one of them. This time around, I thought I break it down by character….

Spencer: Spencer really hates it at home-her parents are acting like she’s a ghost and punishing her in simple ways-taking away her car and taking it back to the dealer, blaming her for the KILLER and LIAR graffiti on the old barn and windmill, and doting on her sister, Melissa. So listening to Andrew, she signed up on a website that links people up to their real parents, and she goes to New York to meet up with a woman named Olivia. Spencer felt close to her, hating her family for good and wanted to go to New York to live with her. So what does Stupid Spencer do? Stupid Spencer called a retailer to look at a “fake” apartment, then Olivia never existed when she got to NYC later, and what’s worse….Spencer’s college fund account was wiped out completely.

Hanna: Hanna is forced to hang out with her step-sister, Kate, and her two friends…until she battles her for Mike, Aria’s brother. Hanna and Mike goes on a couple dates, and she was the main one who didn’t get one text from A, while the rest of the girls did. She did get in the car with Wilden (if you watch the show, YOU KNOW WHO HE IS) and he scared her by driving fast like Speedy Gonzalez, and it reminded her of the accident she got into with her now dead friend Mona. At the end of the novel, Hanna agrees to go to prom with Mike, while finding out his lacrosse player friends were making a bet between the two sisters. Uh…EW, brah. Also, Hanna had a piece of her Time Capsule flag and tried to match her design like Ali did.

Emily: Emily is in a perfect relationship with her new boyfriend, Isaac, and they’re having sex (well, they had it twice), and surprise, surprise, Isaac’s mama don’t like her. She even warned her about not stepping back in the house anymore-with a side eye-at Applebee’s. Then they got into a mini-fight when Emily told Isaac what his mama said, including the photo of her head cut off. She did have an encounter with Jason DiLaurentis, Ali’s brother, but he just yelled at her about a little dent in his car. Okay then…at the Radley party (remember Radley? Yeah it turned into a hotel now), she found a visitor’s book, which had Jason’s name all over till the day he left for college. She was confused and wondered why he came to Radley…also…Maya was there…which was weird.

Aria: Aria. Aria, Aria, Aria. First you started talking and hanging out with Jason, then goes to his apartment when he yelled at you to get out, then you move with your dad and his pregnant girlfriend/mistress. And what’s worse…you see Jenna, and automatically, you think she’s A. How can a blind girl text those things to the girls? And you also have Ali’s Time Capsule flag all this time, scared to even give it back to her when they became friends. So when she was about to head back to Spencer’s barn, she saw someone setting it on fire and held them….and the girls gasped when they found out…that it was Ali.


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Book Review: Secrets of a Summer Night (Wallflowers, #1) by Lisa Kleypas

Secrets of a Summer Night (Wallflowers, #1)Secrets of a Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So…this book made me have feels. Feels I didn’t expect while reading this book.

To start off this review, I honestly didn’t ship Annabelle and Simon. The way she kept rejecting him from his offers of dancing, to trying to get Lord Kendall, and how the sass was very real every time they’re together, I kept saying up and down, “I do not ship, I do not ship, I do not ship…..” But then as I read on….I WENT DOWN WITH THIS SHIP.

I went down with this ship the moment Annabelle felt sick and Simon told her (after a round of Rounders-in-Knickers with the other Wallflowers) that she had an Adders bite from a snake (well, he told her once he took off her shoes and her stockings from the hem of her dress and she wanted to kill him, but she was too weak to do it) from her walk with Lord Kendall and the others (Simon was there too…darn it). She was out of action for a while, in which Simon kept her company by teaching her how to play chess (no wonder why Ciel Phantomhive likes that game), and talked about trains with her-which was really, really cute! Then Lord Hodgeham came up to bother Annabelle, saying that he wanted her (in a really, DISGUSTING way, mind you) and almost had her…but Simon saved the day (awe!)

But as the book went on, I was happy when they finally got married (yay!) and then it went downwards because of the way people was talking about them-like “oh, they only got an invite to this party because of Lord Westcliff” and “I can’t believe she married down.” I went ‘Bruh, really?’ but then again, this was back in the day, not in this time period because if I was Annabelle, I would’ve gone Nene Leakes on them, but in all honesty I would’ve ignored them completely (in which she did).

This book had me going through so many feels from one scene to the next, and I cannot wait to read this book.

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How to (Not) Ship a Ship

Hey y’all!

Have you ever read something and the two characters that you think that don’t belong together, but then all of a sudden you slowly start to ship them?

Well…that’s happening to me.

I’m currently reading a novel called Secrets of a Summer NIght, and I’m trying SO HARD not to ship Annabelle Peyton and Simon Hunt (and that’s all I’m telling you about the book-well, the characters anyway). But slowly but surely…I’M SHIPPING THEM DARN IT.


I have no clue. But….



Book Review: Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

Bloodlines (Bloodlines, #1)Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

HOLY CRAP this book though!!!! I’ve read this book till the end and right now…I CAN’T with this book. Sydney Sage wake up one night by her father, scared that she was going to go to a re-education place because of what happened in the last book of the Vampire Academy series (have not read that one yet-it’s on the list!!!), but instead she was re-inked to go back to school on a mission to watch over and protect Jill Dragomir, Lissa Dragomir’s sister. Along with Eddie Castile and somehow Adrian, she goes to Amberwood Prep.

Along with the normal high school things-being picked on by the most popular girl at school (and get their revenge on her slowly, because part one was funny-Jill freezing Laurel’s shower water), dealing with boys-but then there was a thing with the tattoos from a place called Nevermore, with Sydney getting interested to the point that she and Adrian broke in the place and finding out about what was in the tattoos-inluding the vampire blood.

Going back to the tattoo shop, the tattoo guy thought that Sydney was the dealer who provided the vampire blood-and it turned out that it was none other than Keith Darnell (I really didn’t like him at all) and she had to get Adrian to help her bust him. And it worked-until Chapter 24, when Lee pulled out a knife on Sydney and it turned out….


Lee was the one who killed those girls, and he was the one who was a Strigoi before he was turned back by a spirit user and wanted to “awake” himself again. So he tried to take Syndey’s blood…nope that didn’t work at all because something was wrong with her blood-and then he took Adrian’s blood (in which I wanted to chuck this book TO THE WALL, FOLKS. TO THE BLOODY WALL.) but that didn’t work neither.

So Lee called his Strigoi friends and literally begged them to turn him again…but he didn’t, and he died. Then Eddie and Jill came (all of this went down after the fashion show and the blow-up between Adrian and Sydney) and Eddie destroyed the Strigoi (with a little bit of Jill’s help) and in the end everything was fine-Adrian got the apartment he wanted, Keith went away, Sydney is back in school watching Jill, and everything is cool….before the end of the book, when Sonya Karp came in the room and Angelina came into the room as well (she’s gonna be Sydney’s new roommate)…DIMITRI BELIKOV COMES IN THE ROOM.


But I loved this book a lot, and I can’t wait to read the second book.

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