Torn Between Two Men: Chaol vs. Dorian

Have you ever read a book and you instantly fall in love with the main character? Like, truely, madly, deeply fall for the main characters? And then I start reading Throne of Glass…and I’m torn between two men.


The first male is Chaol Westfall, the Captian of the Guard


He’s smart, fight really good, cute and strong. He can be tough when he wanna be and he cares about Celaena (I think a little bit) when they’re training for the Test, Chaol is also cute, and honestly I keep saying his name sometimes when I have nothing else to do or I’m torn between this two men because BOTH OF THEM ARE HOT AS HELL….

The Second male is Crown Prince Dorian Havilliard.


Dorian is the Crown Prince of Adarlan and he’s really cute too. He’s reads (3 points for you, Dorian! 3 Points for you!) and he’s handsome as sin. He doesn’t like being a Prince and living in a castle-he wants to go on an adventure, and he’s tired of girls lookin’ at him and winkin’ at him and all that. And honestly….Dorian sounds like my kind of guy.

So does Chaol.


Oh right


But who do you choose? Chaol or Dorian?


Book Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, #7)Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The last book of the Harry Potter series… I have so many words for it-awesome, amazing, feels all around-everything. Now if you already read the books and seen the movies (part one and two), then you know how awesome and amazing it was. From Bill and Fleur’s wedding, to the Battle of Hogwarts, to the part Molly Weasley called Bellatrix Lestrange a bitch, and everything, this book had some twist and turns to the point that my heart broke into tiny pieces when I read the epilogue when they’re all grown up and have kids going to Hogwarts-I honestly wanted to cry real hard because the people I grew up with had kids and they’re going to Hogwarts too….

But the ending, of how Harry just left himself get killed by Voldemort, and then woke up in King’s Cross with Dumbledore….ugh my heart and my feels when I read it. I honestly wanted to jump in the book and hug Dumbledore real hard, and I also wanted to hug Snape too-but not because he worked for Voldemort….

He was also a spy for Dumbledore too.

I was shocked when I read the conversations Dumbledore and Snape had through Snape’s memories, and Snape’s childhood, of how he met Lily and Petunia when they were playing on the swings and things like that.

Honestly…I loved this book so much that I wouldn’t mind reading the series all over again.

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Book Review: Hollywood Wives: The New Generation by Jackie Collins

Hollywood WivesHollywood Wives by Jackie Collins

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was my first Jackie Collins novel that I’ve ever read, and all I have to say is…GOOD LORD THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING. I enjoyed every single moment of it-like watching a TV-Reality show about Hollywood Wives living it up in LA with their husbands, along with the sex, scandal and did someone say kidnapping? I think YES, yes someone did.

So I decided to break it down by character, starting with….

Lissa Roman: She’s a mega movie and singer star who’s working on a show in Vegas, and her fourth husband, Gregg, had cheated on her. And to make it worse, once she left him and filed for divorce, he started going nuts, doing the Michael Lohan and run his mouth to the press, saying all these horrible things about her, even sleeping with one of the press! Crazy, isn’t it? Then he got arested in Saks because one of his old flings assumed he raped her in the dressing room. Sucks, huh?

Lissa’s daughter, Nicci Stone, is nineteen and wild, but she’s getting married soon to Evan Richter, but she’s having second thoughts about him when she’s thinking about Brian, Evan’s brother. Thanks to Brian, Nicci finds out that Evan was once engaged and never told her about it (hrm, sounds like another character from the UK…..) and then after spending time with Brian, she gets kidapped by a man named Eric Vernon, who puts her in a dirty room and tells Lissa how much he wants so he can leave the country as someone else. But sadly he didn’t go out of the country-instead he went to jail. So sad…

Taylor Singer is married to Lawrence J. Singer, a producer. She wants to star in her own movie, but she couldn’t get it off the ground. So she finds one in Oliver Rock, and they have an affair. Taylor really wants to go back into the acting business so bad that she decided to take the role in a lesbian-themed cable movie, in which she actually enjoyed. In the end, Larry asked for a divorce, and Taylor became another Hollywood Wife.

Michael Scorsinni, the former NYC cop, runs a private detective agency with a friend, in which Lissa Roman needed his assistance to uncover Gregg’s affair and at the same time, fall in love with her. Though he had a girlfriend, Carol, he wasn’t in love with her and he wanted to break up with her, but then she tells him she’s pregnant-which, at the end turned out to be a pregnancy scare. But Michael did help catch Eric Vernon and put him in jail.

In conclusion, this book was amazing and I loved it a whole lot-and I wanna read more from Jackie Collins one day.

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Book Review: Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, #1) by Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, #1)Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OH. MY. GOD. THIS BOOK THO. I’ve read it once before and fell in love with it-I fell in love with the world building, the characters (Will Herondale) and honestly, this book was very very beautiful and I loved it-loved it enough to get the second book.

Tessa Gray comes to Victorian England to find her brother Nathaniel, but instead she meets the Dark Sisters who keeps her in their house and trains her to use her power, which is shape-changing. She hates it there until the Sisters tell her that she’s going to marry a man called the Magister. She refuses until that one night when the Shadowhunters Jem and Will came in and saved her, killing one of the Sisters.

She then goes to the Institute where she meets Charlotte, Henry, Sophie, Thomas and Jessamine, where she feels safe for once until a vampire named Camille appeared, telling them about de Quincey and how he was breaking a Law. So changing into Camille, she and Will went to the party and met up with Magnus Bane (in which I would like to say….I WANT TO CLIMB THE MAN LIKE A TREE…I love you Will, but MAGNUS THO.) and then went to one of the secret parties, where de Quincey was about to munch on Tessa’s brother Nathaniel.

Shocked, they saved Nathaniel and killed some of the vampires in the room, de Quincey swearing to kill Camille/Tessa. Grabbing Nathaniel, they took him back to the Institute, where they brought him back to health and waited for just a while until he showed his true colors once the clockwork automation attacked both Jem and Tessa on their trip to the Blackfrair Bridge.

And how did they get in, you ask?

Outside of the Insitute, one of the automations wounded Jem, using his blood to get in and kill Agatha and Thomas, thus forcing Sophie, Jessamine and Tessa to hide in the Sanctuary, but Nate was there, telling her the real truth before Jessamine bashed him in the head using a lamp.

Then the Magister tricked Tessa, using Will’s voice so that Jessamine could open the door, and the Magister ordered the two automations to hold Sophie and Jessamine while he talked to Tessa, almost forcing her to change into someone by the initials J.T.S., but she didn’t do it. He also revealed that she might not be Tessa Gray-her face, that is-and before he took another step, she changed to the woman who died before and wounded the Magister. But once it was all over and the Magister disappeared, Charlotte offered Tessa to stay at the Insitute, and she does.

I do recommend this book a whole lot because it’s really, really good!!!

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