Book Review: L8r, G8r by Lauren Myracle

l8r, g8rl8r, g8r by Lauren Myracle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve read l8r, g8r a long time ago, and picking this up while coming back home from my trip, it was a quick read for me and I enjoyed it a lot. With all the lingo and the many texts and IMs the girls go through, I loved this book a whole lot and now I wanna read Yolo really soon.

Basically, it’s the girls’ final year of high school, and they’re preparing to go to college, but Zoe’s (zoegirl) boyfriend came back from traveling around the world and they have sex while also trying to avoid jana, but that didn’t work. Her mom wants her to go to Princeton, but she wanted to go to Kenyon. And the stupid part was about that was when her mom was like, ‘well, i’m glad you’re going to kenyon, but you’re paying for it yourself.’

mad maddie is single, not caring about her friends’ relationship drama and is focus on going to Santa Cruz. Then she meets up with Ian, her ex, and they get back together for a while before they decided to be friends again (I might be wrong about that part).

And SnowAngel? Let’s just say she’s getting even with jana after what she did to zoegirl, she’s going to the University of Georgia (GO BULLDOGS!!!!) and hoped that maddie and zoe was going too. She was dating Logan, but after he brought her a car-A CAR-she realized she didn’t love him and wanted to be friends with him….BUT SADLY Logan, the dingus, was sleeping with Jana 😦

I loved this book a lot and I do recommend this book a whole lot.

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The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel by Diana Gabaldon

The Exile: An Outlander Graphic NovelThe Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel by Diana Gabaldon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my first time reading a Diana Gabaldon novel (and it just so happens to be a graphic novel) and…I fell in love with it. If you already read the books, then you know what this is about, but this is told by Jamie’s side (and though I prefer Sam Heaughan to play Jamie in the show…) BUT I really enjoyed this novel-especially when he apologies before he spanked Claire (and if that was me, I would’ve knocked the daylights outta him if he ever did that to me).

The artwork in this book blew me away-I loved every single picture and how the characters were drawn and depicted. And how Diana mixed English in with Gaelic (I think), it was beautiful. But Jamie and Claire’s wedding made me laugh a little bit-after they said their ‘I dos’ she fell out-but Jamie stayed with her…in which I did this:



I died. A lot. A lot, lot.

So I do really really reconmend this book, and I know I’m going to be reading the Outlander series real soon!!!

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The Man in the Iron Mask (Adaptation) by Roy Thomas

The Man in the Iron MaskThe Man in the Iron Mask by Roy Thomas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This graphic novel is an adaptation of the book The Man in the Iron Mask by Alexander Dumas, which tells the tale about King Louis XIV and about his twin brother, Philippe, who was in the Bastille for ten years to prevent a war he might set off. This book was very enjoyable, even though I never actually read the novel itself (which I’m going to do real soon when I get a chance) and if you read the original novel or seen the movie starring Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio, then you know what happens in this book: The Three Musketeers are no more and living each other’s lives.

Aramis has a scheme to put the twin brother of King Louis XIV on the throne and it worked-until it failed, thanks to Surintendant M. Forquet, wouldn’t agree to anything this stupid, really. Philippe, the King’s twin, was forced to wear an iron mask over his face forever to hide his face, so no one will know who he truly is. Then Aramis and Porthos fled to Belle-Isle, where D’Artagnan found them and Porthos died, leaving Aramis to flee by boat, hoping to reach Spain.

Athos, who wasn’t in all this mess, was mourning his son Raoul, who was in Africa on a military mission. Raoul hoped to find death is Africa because of his love for the King’s mistress, Louise de la Valliere. In a dream, Athos dreams of his son dying, waking up to call his name, but when he found out he’s dead, he died in the bed.

Then four years later, D’Artagnan and Aramis reunite during a war between France and Spain, but then D’Artagan died in battle, leaving Aramis alive.

This was a really good book and I enjoyed reading this.

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Book Review: American Vampire vol. 3 by Scott Snyder

American Vampire, Vol. 3American Vampire, Vol. 3 by Scott Snyder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So this review is late…

But I LOVED this comic. Though it was volume 3, I really really enjoyed the artwork, the story, Skinner Sweet (really weird that I liked him) and the new take on vampires-I loved it all. Then the other story about two hunters pretending to be synthesizers to a group of Nazi German vampires, even though one of the hunters had a son who was a vampire himself.

I’ve read this one over the summer when I was in Florida, and I couldn’t stop reading it-it was so good that I read it twice. I loved the characters, the fight between Skinner and Pearl, but I did cry a little when Pearl killed Skinner, after he said, “I told you you had spunk. That’s why I picked you, see? Because deep down, beneath your little housewife act, you’re a bad girl, aren’t you? A Bad, bad girl…all you needed was someone to bring it out of you. That’s what’s I’m here to do. Always.”

Out of all the characters in the book, I liked Skinner Sweet more. Don’t know why I do, but I guess it’s because of his bad boy nature and how he kills people…I don’t know what it is about Skinner, but I liked him the most. And now I really wanna get all the American Vampire Series so I can read more of the comic because I really enjoyed it.

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Book Review: Mr. Cavendish, I Presume by Julia Quinn

Mr. Cavendish, I Presume (Two Dukes of Wyndham, #2)Mr. Cavendish, I Presume by Julia Quinn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book….I honestly have no words for it. I enjoyed reading it a lot and I almost cried at a couple parts of the book. And I disliked the dowager very very much. I know she wants the best for Cavendish, but good bloody lord woman, don’t hark and yell every time you don’t get your way-this ain’t Burger King!!! But all in all I enjoyed this book very much and I would read it again.

What I liked about the book: the characters and the love growing between Cavendish and Amelia. They are engaged to be married and they didn’t know not one dang thing about each other, so they start to spend time with each other by pouring over maps and actually talking about things they like. They even went to a pub so Thomas can get a Gladdish Baddish to calm his hangover. Then the trip to Ireland when Cavendish found out he wasn’t the Duke of Wyndham anymore once he found out his long lost cousin was the true Duke of Wyndham and married her friend Grace. And the friendship blossoming between Amelia and Grace was cute too.

What I disliked about the book: The dowager and when Cavendish kissed Grace. I was like, bruh really? You kissed her when you’re engaged? And then when he asked her to marry him! But I’m glad Grace said no to Cavendish and said yes to Jack at the end. I also didn’t like Amelia’s daddy neither because he wanted her to marry whoever the Duke of Wyndham was so she can be a duchess-which to me was really, really stupid.

Favorite Characters: Amelia Willoughby, Thomas Cavendish, Grace Eversleigh and Jack Cavendish-Audley.

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