Book Review: Shalador’s Lady by Anne Bishop

Shalador's Lady (The Black Jewels, #8)Shalador’s Lady by Anne Bishop
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Shalador’s Lady is the first Anne Bishop book I’ve read (even though Queen of the Darkness is on my TBR shelf at the moment….along with other books I need to read *cough* Queen of Shadows *cough* BUT in all honesty I fell in love with this book a lot. The characters, the world, the Scelties, the political way of court-EVERYTHING about this book honestly made me happy-and I couldn’t put this book down for one minute. NOT. ONE.

The only characters I didn’t like was Prince Theran and Kermilla. But can we talk about Kermilla, please? I. CANNOT. STAND. HER. I have dubbed her “Queen Mega Bitch” who whines all the damn time about Cassidy and how she’s doing well in her court, while her’s is completely broken. Bish, please. Then when she got this STUPID idea to send one of her Warlord Princes to Eyota where Cassie was-and told him to STEAL Khollie, the Scelite that DOESN’T BELONG TO HER, she goes all whiney and bitchy and whines to Theran like, “I’m the Queen, I get what I want!” and yadda yadda yadda. Honestly, every time I read her chapters, I picture her as Kim Kardashian, just fucking WHINING about everything. Oh, and she’s a GOLD-DIGGING BITCH when she keeps asking for money-something she don’t have. And NO Warlord Prince wanted to even be around her-not even Theran’s dumbass, who oddly reminded me of Theon Greyjoy in A Clash of Kings. LIKE THE BOTH OF YOU NEED TO SIT YOUR DUMB-ASSES DOWN. But when Kermilla was kicked out of Castle Greyhaven, I said, “Bye, Felicia, BYE.”

But the most funniest part of the book was at the end, when High Lord Saetan gave her a necklace that melted in her skin and gave her a new face so everyone can see it, she screamed and complained about it, but honestly….she DESERVED IT. I’m glad High Lord Saetan gave that necklace to her before Lady Sabrina picked her up and took her home-SHE DESERVED EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED TO HER. EVERYTHING.

I can sit here and rant about Theran’s stupid ass, but then it’ll overshadow this book review when I can talk about Lady Cassidy’s court, and how she’s making a hella difference in Eyota-to the point that everyone is taking notice and that everyone wants to be in her court. But there was a little romance in there with Cassie and Gray/Jared Blaed, whom I shipped…a lot….a hella lot…..a lot lot….and in the end they got married! Yay!!!

Even though some oldies were in this book (Daemon Sadi and Jaenelle Angelline, Saetan, Prince Luvicar, and Surreal) I LOVED THIS BOOK. A LOT. I do reconmend this book and this book series!!!1

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Book Review: A Game of Thrones: the Graphic Novel by George R.R. Martin and Daniel Abraham

A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 1A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 1 by Daniel Abraham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you have read the books or seen the show on HBO, then you know what part of this Graphic Novel is about. I enjoyed this book, the art-everything about the story (as usual) I loved a lot. George R.R. Martin and Daniel Abraham, you didn’t disappoint me at all.

I honestly loved the art in the book-and my favorite characters from the graphic novel is Catelyn-not because of the character, because of how beautiful she’s drawn-and I fell for her hair. The second one is Sansa Stark-how beautful she was drawn in too. And last but not least, Daenerys Targaryen, she was drawn in REALLY really well.

I want the second volume of this graphic novel because it was so beautiful and everything was drawn in wonderfully.

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