Book Review: Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Insurgent (Divergent, #2)Insurgent by Veronica Roth

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Insurgent….Insurgent, Insurgent, Insurgent….for once, you didn’t make me mad….well, just a little bit…but other than that, I loved this book. A LOT. Though FOUR (I’m still not calling him Tobias, HIS NAME TO ME WILL STILL BE FOUR) didn’t get on my nerves this time….Tris did.

Now, I loved Tris in Divergent. But in Insurgent? GOOD LORD GIRL, YOU WERE DUMB AS HELL IN THIS BOOK. Through the first simulation, to wounding Eric (which I don’t care at all about-like, I can’t stand him and I’m glad he’s dead), to getting captured by Jeanine and going through her simulations (and I still hate her) and then going back to the Eurdite buliding-with your boyfriend’s father-just to get data? GIRL. WHY.

But then I was happy at the end that Jeanine finally dies, through, just like Joffery from Game of Thrones, I wanted her to last a couple days before she died-BECAUSE I HATED HER SO MUCH.

But I loved it and I do reconmend this book a whole lot.

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Book Review: Lover Enshrined by J.R. Ward

Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #6)Lover Enshrined by J.R. Ward

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh hello Black Dagger Brotherhood…I MISSED YOU A WHOLE LOT. LIKE SERIOUSLY.


So this book….this book this book this book…..I loved it (hence the five out of five stars) BUT I’m sorry, but I MUST YELL AT PHURY FOR HALF OF THIS BOOK REVIEW.

And why am I gonna yell at Phury?

WELL one, the drug use. Like, I honestly liked Phury, then I opened this book, I got mad over the drug use. I wanted to jump in the book and litterly STRANGLE him for even taking those drugs. And the Wizard in his head? I pictured Crowley (Mark Sheppard) talking in his head like this:


And just sassing him all the time in his head until the end of the book when he was finally silenced.


Well they did, but then John Matthew saw in, only saw the blood from Cormia, and did this:


(Also…I think Z wanted to do that to. Just punch the living daylights outta his twin….)

But I am happy that Phury and Cormia got together and some of the Chosen came to this world. I really am.

The second thing that happened in this book was the Qhuinn/John Matthew/Lash thing. Like, LASH SHOOSH WHEN NO ONE’S TALKING TO YOU, YA DINGUS. Second of all, I’m glad Q’s JM’s ahstrux nohtrum and when Blaylock came out to his friends, they honestly didn’t care-they’re still his boys.

AND ANOTHER THING-I’m locking both John Matthew and Xhex in a room till they get together (why the heck do I wanna lock two pairs of couples in a room throughout this review? I don’t even know….)

AND RHEVENGE (aka “Revvy Rev” but I don’t call him that to his face…he might find me and hurt me….) See I wanna yell at you too, but I can’t….DARN IT….because I know you have NO BLOODY CHOICE to see the symphath princess, but I STILL DON’T CARE I WISH YOU DIDN’T SEE HER BUT YOU HAVE TO..darn it….

So I love this book, I missed this world, and I really do reconmend this book a lot!!

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Book Review: Vampire Knight Vol. 7 by Matsuri Hino

Vampire Knight, Vol. 7 (Vampire Knight, #7)Vampire Knight, Vol. 7 by Matsuri Hino

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay….just like Samurai Deeper Kyo, I’ve read Vampire Knight since I was in high school, and I fell for Kaname Kuran (obviously) and I loved it a whole lot since Shonen Jump (I used to read that too) I believe (or was it Shojo Beat Magazine…I think it was) that introduced me to this manga and I fell in love with it.

But anyway, Volume 7 of Vampire Knight was…well, it was crazy-like IT WAS REALLY CRAY CRAY. First off, Yuki’s trying to remember what happened to her past, and only Kaname knows about it. So everytime she sees him, she’s like “Oh I wanna ask him, but I can’t get the words out” until the end of the book, when Kaname tells her “It’s time to wake up…before you go mad…..” before he sinks his fangs in her neck.

Then the rebirth of Rido Kuran (in the body of young Shiki) was freaky too-I don’t even know if I can describe it. But to me, the most weirdest part about this volume was the fight between Zero and Kaname, because at the end Zero drank his blood. But before he did, Kaname told him “Don’t ever forget…for whom this blood is offered….”

But I enjoyed this book a lot and I really do reconmend it!!

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Book Review: Samurai Deeper Kyo Volume 02 by Akimine Kamijyo

Samurai Deeper Kyo, Volume 02Samurai Deeper Kyo, Volume 02 by Akimine Kamijyo
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Volume 2 of Samurai Deeper Kyo was perfect. I’ve had this manga since high school, when all I’ve read was manga, Harry Potter, Twilight and Maximum Ride. It has bloodshed, samurais, swords, a man named Demon Eyes Kyo almost in the middle of all of it.

This is also an anime of the same title, and I have seen it (and it was amazing). So in Volume 02 of Samurai Deeper, a fight happened between Jimon and Demon Eyes, who tells him “You just couldn’t stop, could you? You got what you wanted. You woke me up. I’m in a shitty mood when I wake up. Sanurai…you do realize…you’re going to die?” when he wakes up and the fight ended with Demon Eyes killing him in a simple draw of his sword (Jimon has a regular sword, and Demon Eyes has a long blade called the oadachi, in whuch he used to slay Jimon. Once that was over, Izuno no Okuni, an informer, came by and told Kyo ‘He’s still alive, Kyo. He lives…and he hates…you.” and all of a sudden Kyo snapped, asking Izuno where this “he” person was. But like an idiot, she didn’t tell him and floated away.

Then Yuya and Kyoshiro came to a village filled with children, and was pickpocketed by a little boy named Kouta, who needed to pickpocket them for money to feed his little sister, Tae. Yuya, feeling sorry for the two of them(and it reminded her of someone from her past), and asked him to help find them a place to say for the evening. Then that same night, Tae found Yuya and told her that they were going to kill Kouta. So she went and find him, and defeated the pickpocket ring, and knocked out the leader Kazura and spared her life.

The last and final story in this manga is about the Three Colored Gang and the Kidou Clan, who is pushing out all the people in the village all except a tiny old woman. They met White Crow, who gave the old woman three days to leave the village, Black Scorpion, a huge black guy who’s a dingus and who talks loud. And then there’s Red Tiger who looks nice, but he just have a lot of amount of strength.

Do I reconmend this book? Of course I do. It’s beautiful and amazing.

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Book Review: Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

Sense and SensibilitySense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my first Jane Austen novel that I ever read (along with Pride and Prejudice, which I actually didn’t finish) and Emma (have that book at home, never finished it neither) and it turns out that I loved this book, though I contantly yelled at the males in this book, hated the Steeles, Marianne nearly giving me a heart attack because she almost died, and the end, when the Dashwood sisters finally got married to Edward and Colonel Brandon.

So what did I like about the book? I honestly like the way it’s written, making me hang on every word and making me forget the other two books that I was gonna read (ha ha). I felt like I was with the Dashwoods through the heartache with Wllioughby and Edward (in which I wanna throw Edward VERY HARD to the wall….unless he looked like Dan Stevens….then I won’t), the Miss Steeles getting on my damned nerve (INCLUDING LUCY) and then the older people, including Miss Jennings, who honestly reminds me of my auntie who is VERY BLOODY NOSEY ABOUT EVERYONE and NOT CARING FOR THEMSELVES.

But the mama (Mrs. Dashwood) reminds me of my own mother when the girls went through heartache and misery and then till they got married. When Marianne nearly died (and give me a heart attack). I wanted to throw this book to my wall but I couldn’t-I just basically yelled at Marianne because I didn’t want her to die.

But can we talk about the scene with Elinor and Willoughby? Like, he came to their home-DRUNK, mind you-and spilled his heart out, honestly regretting not marrying Marianne when he married his current wife. I honestly wanted to skip this part, but the more I read it…the more I felt sorry for him. I wasn’t supposed to, but then as I kept reading that chapter, I realize that I do care…a bit…towards him.

But Colonel Brandon though…at first, I didn’t like him-I’m going to admit that-but the more I read this book, the more I started to like him…and the more I like him, the more I wanted to shout “HURRY UP AND MARRY ONE OF THEM ALREADY!!!” But at the end they did.

Now Edward…Edward Ferrars? I’m still mad for what you did to Elinor, making me think that you broke her heart and went to marry Lucy. But when you explained yourself, then I liked you some more and then I became a happy panda again (happy panda…lolz).

But I loved this book and I really do recommend this book a whole lot!!!

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