Book Review: Black Butler vol. 19 by Yana Toboso

Black Butler, Vol. 19 (Black Butler,  #19)Black Butler, Vol. 19 by Yana Toboso

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Like all mangas, this one made me laugh a lot and made me worry about Ciel and Sebastian and making me have feels. And on top of that, it has witches and werewolves in it. Couldn’t this get many better? AND SEBASTIAN CRYING OMG MY FANGIRL HEART. LIKE CAN WE GET MORE OF HIM CRYING PLEASE??

And Ciel…I wanted to hug him (if he didn’t scream at me and push me away) but anyway, poor baby. The only one that could touch him is Finny, who was trying very hard to take care of the young Earl (while trying not to hurt him using his super strength).

But the witch in this one…good night she’s funny and know what she wants. But when she touched Ciel down there, I instantly cracked up laughing. I loved it because of Ciel’s face…it was so funny.

I’m sorry this review is so short, but I really loved it.

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Art Appreciation: A Hero for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi

As I was reading this book, I couldn’t help but to whip out my camera and take a couple photos of the artwork of this book-because they were so dang beautiful.


The opening pages of the book when you open it. SO BEAUTIFUL AND SO PRETTY.


This is actually one of my favorite ones out of the whole book. So awesome and beautiful at the same time.

Book Review: A Hero for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi

A Hero for WondLaA Hero for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I first started reading this book, I didn’t know if I was going to love it or not. But as I continued to read it, I actually started to love it. Like, love it a lot. The world was different from any other fantasy/science fiction novel I’ve read, and now I wanna get all of the books in this series so I can read them all-and never want to leave this world of Orbona.

Normally around this part I’ll sum up the book in bits and pieces about what happened in the book and all, but I just can’t do that because I wanna talk about the artwork-the most beautiful artwork I’ve ever seen before. Ever. In the beginning of each chapter there’s a huge piece of artwork and they are so beautiful. Even in some of the chapters there’s little pieces of artwork hidden in there, like the Eva Eight tree that I tweeted and instagrammed about, calling it weird but beautiful at the same time.

Basically, this book is about Eva Nine’s journey on the ship the Bijou with Hailey and Rovender to the human city of New Attica, where something just didn’t feel right to her at all-there were no aliens on the planet, only humans, and the leader of the New Attica, Cadmus Pryde, is up to something…but Eva dosen’t even know what…until she met her “sister” Eva Eight who was older than her and the two escape, finding more aliens and helping them break out of New Attica to the Wondering Forest, where Cadmus thinks that the generator is, but actually the generator is a spirit called Mother who turns Eva’s sister into a tree..

BUT before all of that….

They crash-landed in the Wandering Forest, where they took one of Rovender’s old clanmate back home to his village, but they didn’t because they both captured Eva Nine and Eva Eight, and they used the truth bird to get her to tell the truth (which Eva does anyway) and then they used it on Rovender, who was basically the old leader’s son (but they kept calling him a “ghost” as if he was dead or something) and the two reunited. Awe.

The ending…oh dear lord the ending….it made me mad when Lacus ate his sister. I mean, opened his big mouth and just ate her. But I’m glad Eva Nine escaped before she got eaten, and now I wanna read the third book and the first book (blame library for not having all of the books). But I really do love this book a lot and I do recommend it!!

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Book Review: Attack on Titan vol. 1 by Hajime Isayama

Attack on Titan, Vol. 1 (Attack on Titan, #1)Attack on Titan, Vol. 1 by Hajime Isayama

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ooookay….so Attack on Titan….NOT A WORLD I WANT TO LIVE IN. I’m sorry, I loved this book (I really did) but I wouldn’t survive it, even though I would join the Survey Corps…I just wouldn’t make it. Not one bit. And I thought the world of Divergent was crazy with all the factions and Jeanine and all that…BUT THIS WORLD RIGHT HERE? I wouldn’t survive it, espically with the Titans crashing in to eat people.

And even though I watched the anime of the same name as well (though it’s on Netflix too and I haven’t been able to watch it because of JESSICA JONES…LIKE THAT SHOW THO. I CAN’T.) I honestly enjoyed the manga, which starts out with the attack of Wall Maria thanks to that HUGE OVERGROWN TITAN that came and kicked the wall wide open, letting the Titans in to have a huge feast. Eren, Mikasa and Armin had to run to get on the ship so they can escape-then football titan (that’s what I’m calling the armored one) bust through the doors like it was no tomorrow and everyone started to scream, and Eren made a promise that he was gonna kill each and every Titan out there so they won’t kill people anymore….

Then at the end of the book, BIG BOY shows up and everyone is trying to kill him. EVERY. ONE. But when Eren decided to try and cut the back of the titan’s neck, he…well, he get his leg bitten off, then he gets eaten right in front of Armin.

Throughout the book I honestly wanted to cry-really badly-but then I coudn’t beacause of the action-IT WAS REALLY GOOD. I loved it and I kept up with it (while happily running away from the Titans like I do fire-breathing dragons in Skyrim (ha ha).) BUT I do reconmend this book and I can’t wait to read more of this series!!!

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Book Review: Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 1 by Sui Ishida

Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 1 (Tokyo Ghoul, #1)Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 1 by Sui Ishida

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Now I’ve watched the anime of this, and I found the manga a couple days (now a week) ago. So what’s this about? Well it’s about a boy named Ken Kaneki who is very shy and always has a nose in a book. So when he and Rize went out on a date, it went perfectly well….until the end of the date. And at the end of the date, Rize bit him, freaking Kaneki out. And when she caught up with him, she smiled at him and said:

Which freaked out Kaneki more than ever. But then a bunch of steel railways came down and crushed Rize, killing her instantly but Kaneki was still alive, so they transferred her organs into him…and, well…

So when he woke up, he realized he couldn’t eat all the human food that he wanted, the human food he loved. But when it came to human flesh, he hungered for it-so badly, in fact, that he was so close to eating one, but stopped until he saw Nishio close to eating it and demanded that he leave-and that it was his hunting ground. But then Touka showed up and stopped him.

Then Touka turned around and realized that Kaneki is hungry and really wanted the dead body, so she forced fed it to him. But at the end, between the fight between Nishio and Kaneki, and, well, Kaneki snapped when Nishio said something about eating his friend, but that didn’t work and he woke up in Anteiku. In the end, he stayed (just like in the anime).

I really enjoyed this book and I really do recommend this book a whole lot!!

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Book Review: Fearless FBI: Agent Out by Francine Pascal

Agent Out (Fearless FBI, #3)Agent Out by Francine Pascal

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So like the other books I’ve read, I’ve read Fearless when I was younger and honestly..this book didn’t thrill me like the others did, which made me give this book three outta five stars. It was a very slow book and it almost confused me-also it made me wanna go to sleep. But I liked and enjoyed this book a lot.

Bascially…Gaia went AWOL to find her friend Catherine Saunders whom she thought was kidnapped by a terrorist group, and tried so hard to find her by using the internet, by getting into contact with Will and Lyle, and nearly getting arrested by the FBI. But once she figured out where Catherine was in Philadelphia, she actually went there and when she got there, Will met her there to stop a bomb that bomb maker James Rossiter made, and then they had a little confession session in that room where the bomb was.

Then at the end of the book…the end of the book….made my mouth drop. Seriously. Because we find out that Catherine wasn’t actually kidnapped….she actually went and came to the terrorist group Socorro…and one of the men that actually helped Gaia, Winston Marsh, who is actually freaking Catherine’s father, is actually the leader of Socorro. THE FREAKING LEADER. And when he threatened to kill Will, Gaia stopped and gave up, remembering how she lost Jake.

Though this book was very slow, I did enjoy it and I do recommend this book.

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Book Review: The Dead Girls’ Dance: The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine

The Dead Girls' Dance (The Morganville Vampires, #2)The Dead Girls’ Dance by Rachel Caine

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh. Dear. Giggty. God.


Basically, this book was about saving Shane from his horrible fate of being killed because of what his father did to Brandon, the vampire that molested Eve and her brother, Jason. And honestly? I HATED SHANE’S DAD. I REALLY DID. First, I started to cry for what he did to MICHAEL. Yes, MICHAEL GLASS. Like, I said ‘NOPE’ when I read that part. But then throughout the book, it’s Claire and Eve trying to find ways to save Shane.

And Amelie? Honestly, I respect her as the Founder and all that, but bruh, YOU CAN’T EVEN CONTROL OLD FART OLIVER. Yes I called Oliver an old fart (not my Oliver in Star City) But this Oliver? I HATE HIM. SO MUCH. It’s like he wanted Shane to die-FOR SOMETHING HE DIDN’T EVEN DO. And then what Amelie did-granted the wish of Michael and turned to him into a vampire just so he can walk around and find out how they can save Shane from his terrible fate. Though I’m glad he did that, but at the end Shane was freed from his fate and not listen to his dumb ol’ daddy.

But the dance Claire and Eve went to…it almost honestly cringe, and I got worried for Claire because I thought she was going to get hurt (or raped) but I’m glad Sam and Eve found her before anything happened. But this thing with protection confused me a little bit as I kept reading it-Oliver made the deal, then Amelie did the same thing at the end of the book….it confused me but THE ENDING…WHY DID SHE GET UP TO SIGN IT?! Why why why why?????

I really enjoyed this book and I really recommend this book!

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