Happy New Year and Hello 2016


First off,  Happy New Years and Hello 2016. 2015 has been perfect for me-I did (and finished!) my first reading challenge on GoodReads, I’ve read my first Jane Austen novel throughly and I loved it-a lot-and now that the new year is here, I already know I’m going to be reading more books than ever, and hopefully when I graduate from GMC and transfer to University, I know this blog is going to follow along on my adventures (along with my personal blog) and also read new books as well, including finishing off some old ones.

Normally I would list the books that I’m going to read this year or just pick some books from my really huge TBR Pile, but not this time.

This time…this time I’m going to say that I’m going to be writing a book.

I’ve always wanted to write a book-really badly, actually-I planned it out and wrote the outline for it, even giving it a title-After Andrew Crawford-and here’s the outline (basically all of it):

In the town of Cambridge, GA, everyone has a story: some has secrets, some has tall tales. But some has the darkest secret of them all. And the divorce between Andrew Crawford and Rebecca Washington was the biggest story that anyone can talk about. After they were granted the divorce, along with co-parenting and Andrew paying $7,000 a month for child support for their only child, Chester, Andrew went and married bartender and part-time model Caprice Kelly, a young thirty year old who works for his brother Daniel at his casino.

Heartbroken after what Andrew did to her, Rebecca took Chester back home to her parents house and stayed there for a while until her siblings, Veronica and Nathaniel, told her to move on with her life, even though she would have to see Andrew every single day for the rest of her life to take care of Chester. So after a whole bunch of badgering from her friends Bethany and Gabriella, the three of them went to Club Sanction to have a good time…until Rebecca met the new chef of Regal Bliss Hotel and Spa, Bradford Scott.

Bradford Scott had just moved to Cambridge from Los Angeles with his three year old son, Gage, after his wife left him for another man and got a divorce. He’s normally not into the club scene, since it’s so loud and you can’t hear anyone at all. But he felt like his whole life changed when he met Rebecca that night, and these two hit it off just nicely for a while, until Evangeline’s Casino Night at Portico Casino, where Andrew spotted the two at the Blackjack Table.

Though he tried to start something, it was actually Caprice who started the blowout, pulling Rebecca to the side, but at the end it was Josephine who ended the blowout, and everyone was talking about it-everyone.

Bethany is trying to get her life on track after her divorce to her husband, Ramon, who’s running for senator. Her daughter Camille can see the hurt her mother is going through and decided to move back in with her for a while until that drama-filled night at Portico, where Bethany met the Brit Morgan Coleman. Though she’d only seen him at events and outside of the library, she’s very intrigued by the Brit.

Teagan and Veronica never saw eye to eye-on anything. These two archenemies can’t be in the same room, but Teagan kept Veronica’s dirty little secret: when Elizabeth was away with her family, and before she and Daniel got married, Veronica slept with Daniel till he broke it off on his wedding day, and that she still has feelings for him after all this time.

Trenton Wilson came into town from Boston, who oddly enough looks like Caprice. He’s Caprice’s son, the one she gave up when she was 17 years old, and is looking for her, though he doesn’t know that she married Andrew and that Trenton’s biological father, Zane Gordon, is looking for Caprice as well to get some of her money.

Dr. Charlotte Rodgers had just celebrated 21 years at Swan River General Hospital, but feels like she has no personal life at all, until she too spotting Morgan Coleman. Not the type of woman who goes after men that she thinks are out of her league, she starts to go after him, then stopped when she found out that Bethany is dating him. A little heartbroken, she thought she can forget about having a dating life until she runs into Benjamin Hunter at Boulderfield Park and maybe, she thought she can have a life outside the hospital.

So that’s the outline of my story. I know it’s a lot happening, but that was all in my head-and I’m writing it right now as we speak (as I listen to Michael Jackson) and I might post it up tonight on Wattpad.

So happy new years and HELLO 2016!!!