Book Review: Cyndere’s Midnight by Jeffery Overstreet

Cyndere's Midnight (The Auralia Thread, #2)Cyndere’s Midnight by Jeffrey Overstreet

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Good night this book…this book took me so long to read (because of school, testing, then me graduating and up till now, I thought I’ll never finish this book at all) but I gave it 3.4 out of 5 stars, mainly because of the ending and because of the slow, action-packed read that I was ready to give it up. Like…set the book down, I can’t do this anymore, this book is bloody boring, when the heck can I finish this book so I can read something else….but then after finding a playlist on Spotify, I finished it…and my god this book was really good.

Cyndere’s Midnight is all about Cyndere and Jordam, an heiress and a beastman, trying to find some way to bring peace between the Cent Regus and the humans, though after Cyndere’s husband’s death, she thought it was all over. Everyone kept telling her to forget her husband’s dreams of taming the Cent Regus and morn for him, but she wouldn’t do it. Jordam is torn to be with his three brothers, including that awful Mordafey, drink the Essence, and please the Skell Wra in some sick and twisted fashion that I can’t remember. But as I sat here in my kitchen and finished reading this book, I cried close to the ending….but I KNEW something was up with Ryllion and the Seer…until I read how the Seer, Pretor Xa (I know, weird name n’ all) planned on the death of Cyndere’s husband without her even knowing.

Da eff?

But I liked it, though it was slow in the beginning and picked up in the middle, along with Auralia’s Colors and her caves where she shows her colors-and the ale boy (in which I want to know his name…like bro, WHAT IS YOUR NAME????) who is a descendant of Tammos Rak-who can walk through fire. Shocking, I know. BUT HE CAN WALK THROUGH FIRE AND ALSO NOT GET BURNED.

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