Book Review: Black Canary #1 by Brenden Fletcher

Black Canary #1Black Canary #1 by Brenden Fletcher

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is honestly my first comic book I’ve ever read before, and I’ve always wanted to read about a superhero, so while I was at my comic book/gaming store after D&D (yeah I play that….) and I was waiting for my ride, I rifled through the comics till I saw the tab for ‘Black Canary’. I was kinda shocked at first-I only know about the Black Canary from Arrow, and seeing her having a comic book….well, I just had to get it.

So in this comic Dinah is in a band called Black Canary, and her bandmates call her D.D for short. They are known as the Most Dangerous Band in America because in every show they ever play, the venue gets destroyed each time because the bad guys are always showing up, and Dinah has to protect them…but it turns out the bad guys are coming after Ditto, a silent girl who can’t talk, but she can play.

The group don’t know why they were after Ditto, but Dinah swore on protecting them, though she was only on their EP tour with them for a couple shows before she’s off again. So she decided to teach her bandmates how to defend themselves, using guns and martial arts.

I enjoyed this comic so much that I’m planning on getting all of them and the Green Arrow ones (might need to read the earlier comics so I can understand Oliver/Dinah’s relationship).

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