Book Review: The Brothers Cabal by Jonathan L. Howard

The Brothers Cabal (Johannes Cabal, #4)The Brothers Cabal by Jonathan L. Howard

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book…this book right here made me laugh-like bust out laughing-while also shocking me and making my mouth drop. I loved this book out of all of the Cabal novels I’ve read over the months that I’ve read them, so what is this book about?

Well…Horst is back. Back back. Back from the Dead back. And the ones that brought him back-the Ministerium Tenebrae-wants him to create vampires for their army of the undead, so they can create a country for the undead. Then that’s when the voice of Horst’s ripper-that’s what I call it (I used to watch/read wayyy to much Vampire Diaries and the Originals)-started whispering in his mind like Phury’s did in his book, wanted to do it, to drink the blood from the table, in the wine glass and in the bowl. But he didn’t and escaped with the help of the Dee Society, and then he met Miss Montgomery’s Flying circus.

While they were getting aquiented, they were attacked by zombies, a werebadger, obelisk, and a stone spider *in which I screamed because I hate spiders so much* and then as Horst tells this story to his brother Johannes, he asks him to help him destroy the Ministerium. Though Johannes reluctantly said yes, the two packed up Cabal’s things to meet up with Miss Montgomery’s trio of fliers and went to the rondevous point and met with serveral….how shall I put this….members of each religious group, some were witches (the Sisters of Hecate or the Hades one, I believe) and others were fighters, and before they attacked the Ministerium, they had a meeting, where Cabal explained that the Red Queen was none other than Lady Orfilia Nimuka, daughter of Count Merchal, and on top of that, Rufus Maleficarus is alive and walking…or so he thought.

The Mirkavian battle started, and everyone brought their best warriors out, but the Ministerium lost, even when Horst and Cabal, along with Alisha, went inside the castle to kill Rufus and Lady Misericorde. Cabal tricked Rufus, who turned out to be the Eriskghal Working and trapped him in Rufus’s body, while Alisha died-killed by dopplegangers, and Horst killed them all by listening to his inner ripper and killed them all.

But the ENDING though….Johannes found the book he was looking for, and then asked Horst about the Fountian of Youth and the Philsopher Stone…..but when Ninuka was alone and randomly talking to the urn….THAT was freaky enough.

So I really do recommend this book and the whole series if you haven’t read it yet!

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Book Review: Johannes Cabal the Fear Institute by Jonathan L. Howard

The Fear Institute (Johannes Cabal, #3)The Fear Institute by Jonathan L. Howard

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So this book of the Johannes Cabal series was different than the last two-mostly because they were in the Dreamlands looking for the Phobic Animus (in which THERE WASN’T ONE) and also because it felt like I was on a D&D adventure with Cabal and his companions. So what happened in this book?

Well three men came to Cabal’s house to employ him to go to the dreamlands to retrieve this Phobic Animus. Cabal thought about it and after a day he said yes, and the four of them went to visit a poet that had the Sliver Key, and once he died, off they went into the dreamlands. Sadly throughout the adventure that I cannot remember because I took a break from reading this, but for the rest of the books I will be keeping a journal of all my thoughts:

Shadrach, and Corde died, Miss Smith and Cabal had a very nice conversation, they found a dead hermit’s body and Cabal used necromancy to bring his skull back, the fight on the boat, and one of the Fear Institute People died.

Cabal is scared of cats, though I’m convinced there were Khajits in the book and Corde died, then Bose revealed himself to be Nyarlothotep, and sent Cabal through a dream, where he basically dreamt that his experiments worked, brought that girl in the casket back to life and then died WHYYYYYYYY.

Cabal also changed into a ghoul, didn’t like it, so he made a laboratory so he could make an elixir to make himself hooman again. But the ghoul’s leader took it from him, drank it, and became hooman, but then for some reason Cabal was knocked out, and a weird man came and took him home and took care of him. Now whoever he was knew the house intimately knew where everything was, and when Cabal woke up, he’s like “You’re supposed to be dead….”

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