Book Review: While We Were Watching Downton Abbey by Wendy Wax

While We Were Watching Downton AbbeyWhile We Were Watching Downton Abbey by Wendy Wax

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What do you get when an author put a fake historic apartment complex in Midtown Atlanta (my hometown!), put my favorite show in the title, and also make it very interesting, AND have a British Concierge that reminds me so much of Carson? Then you have While We Were Watching Downton Abbey, a book I never thought I’d actually like-I was expected to hate it, but instead I loved it. Every last bit of it.

So I guess I’ll split this up between the three characters in the book:

Samantha Davis: Samantha Davis married young to her husband Jonathan Davis because of money troubles after what her father did to the firm. She can’t cook, her mother in law hates her, and her siblings are a mess. Her sister Meredith was in New York visiting a friend and her brother Jackson was into a business that failed-in fact, he’s been doing it so many times that Jonathan had to bail him out. But Samantha finally put her foot down, thanks to her mother in law, and threatened to cut the both of them off if Meredith didn’t take the job at the Atlanta Preservaton Board and if Jackson didn’t get a job and make money his own. Well Meredith got the job at the Atlanta Preservation Board, and Jackson….Jackson worked for Edward Parker on Private Butler. Samantha thought it was working just fine, until Jack pulled a stunt so bad that she thought that her friends and Edward didn’t want to talk to her after what he did. But it turned out they cared for her, knowing that it wasn’t her fault, and also that ‘didn’t talk till Thanksgiving and before Christmas’ thing she went through with Jonathan and that brought them back together.

Claire Walker: So here’s Claire Walker, your typical writer who’s trying to come up with her next book while writing in her journal, talking to her daughter who’s away in college, and making two best friends at the same time. She didn’t write not one word till the last episode of season two of Downton Abbey-Claire tried to sleep, but the idea came full force, beating out the Highlanders and men in kilts, as she dreams about her friends and the concierge. And now she’s writing the contemporary novel and also she sat in for a author that wasn’t feeling well.

Brooke Mackenzie: Brooke Mackenzie is a single mom to her daughters Natalie and Ava, and on top of that her ex-husband, whom she put through college and to make it big in Boston, had cheated and divorced her for a skinnier woman he was sleepin’ with, and tried EVERYTHING to get away from him. Then Edward Parker asked her to do a single father’s party for his own daughter and everything was right in the world…until one of her daughters let out that the Barbie was pregnant with her ex-husband’s child. There was a one time that she had to let Samantha watch over her girls because Zachary wasn’t there one the day she needed him to watch the girls. And it was the most beautiful scene ever of Jonathan reading Stellaluna a couple times before the girls went to sleep.

All in all, I truly enjoyed this book-better than I thought. I couldn’t stop reading it and it made me wish I was actually living in the Alexander in Midtown (if it was real…and I’d had a job and all that….)

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Book Review: Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns by Lauren Weisberger

Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil ReturnsRevenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns by Lauren Weisberger

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The second book of Revenge Wears Prada…I thought I wouldn’t like it as I thought, but the more I read it, the more I actually loved it.

It had been years since Andy and Emily had worked as Miranda Priestly’s assistants at Runway, and the two girls who used to be enemies are now best friends and married-Emily to Miles and Andy to (well, about to) get married to the love of her life. Max Harrison. From wedding preperations to finding a letter her mother-in-law wrote to him about his bachlor trip and meeting his ex girlfriend, to a week later when Andy finds out she’s pregnant with her first child, it’s almost all too much…

Until the deal of the lifetime with Elias-Clarke comes on their laps that Andy and Emily both face the Devil herself again, Miranda Priestly. Andy downright refuses to sign the deal, knowing good and time well that they’ll work under Miranda again and go through what they went through when they were working at Runway, Emily basically turned around and started kissing Miranda’s ass again, even at the dinner.

It was like Andy was the smart one throughout the whole entire thing, even when she had Clementine and met back up with Max again through her mommy and me class (I didn’t know they even EXISTED in New York) and then the moment of truth came when Andy got to Emily’s house and found out that both Max and Emily signed the deal, and automatically, and this is the part I truely hate but understand, Andy washed her hands with them (both Emily and Max), took Clementine and went home, feeling betrayed. A year later her and Max seperated, Andy found a job with the Writer’s Space, dated a couple times with a man named Nick, also her Grams died a year before the ending.

But I honestly hated the ending-to me, I think Andy should’ve stayed with Max after the “betrayal” and yeah she could’ve worked at the Writer’s Space because divorcing him after what he did was stupid as hell on Andy’s part. Yeah they have child visitations and keeping the kid on certain days and whatnot, but divorcing him? ANDY WHY.

Secondly, I thought The Plunge was doing much better where they were instead of with Elias-Clarke and under Miranda Priestly. THEY DIDN’T REALLY NEED HER SO ANDY WAS RIGHT AND EMILY WAS WRONG. Dead wrong.

Also, just FYI, I loved Miranda’s apartment. Just saying. I would totally live there.

So inconclusion, Andy was right at the end and Emily was wrong. Miranda’s still the Devil Wearing Prada, and this book was really good.

That’s all. *Miranda Priestly voice*

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Book Review: Party Weekend (Sweet Valley High #143) by Francine Pascal

Party Weekend (Sweet Valley High, #143)Party Weekend by Francine Pascal

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So since this is the only Sweet Valley High book I actually own (which sucks, by the way) so yeah I do need to read all of the books, but this book right here was actually pretty good. First time I thought I would hate it and would DNF it. But then I gave this book a chance and I loved it.

It takes place after Jessica and Elizabeth’s junior prom, and the junior class of SVH are entering a talent contest at the countywide battle of the junior classes, and of course, El Carro High starts some drama by taking over their practice spot, ruining their set and planned on pushing Jessica off the thing when she wanted to do the Peter Pan fly thing in the SVH, but thank god Ken stopped it before something truely happened to her.

Also Jessica has been seeing the ghost of her dead boyfriend Christian, who came to her and told her that what she was planning to do was going to be a chain reaction to what happened to him before he died. When Erica pull the stunt and the fight was going to happen, Jessica stood there in fear and thought that she was going to relieve it again, but then had an idea to let Palisades High play their presentation, but played Christian’s part and everyone stopped.

I thought for a second that Olivia and Ken broke up over the Erica thing (which to me is really stupid) but I’m glad they didn’t after he saved her life. I enjoyed this book and I’m going to hunt down all of them so I can read them all, including senior year.

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Another Book Haul?! Why Yes..yes it is

Hey y’all!

So yesterday I went to the library to grab a couple books to read over the month since I’ve been lately flying through books like a crazy person, and I needed some more books. So off to the library I went to grab more books and I thought I’ll share it with you.


Apartment Therapy: Complete + Happy Home

To start off this rocking book haul that talks about interior design (my weakness) and I never heard of Apartment Therapy till I got this book and had a little peek-through and started to get a lady-boner from what I saw and flipped through. And now I want an apartment so I can maybe get it photographed by the Apartment Therapy guys.


A Year in Desserts

Oh hello food. Or desserts. I mean delicious desserts that I really wanna make and eat right now. Because OMG flipping through this book makes me wanna make all of them and eat every single last one of them because they look soooooo good. I brought this for my mama so she can make something for thanksgiving, but I might actually make something from this book and post it real soon…


The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook: Sweet Treats for the Geek in all of Us by Rosanna Pansino

You’ve seen her on YouTube before-she has her own nerdy cooking channel and is sometimes always on IJustine’s channel, and she even had her own speical on the Cooking Channel. But yes, I just HAD to get Ro’s book-one because I wanna cook really badly and make all the things she has in this book. Two: because I hope she has the Turkish Delights recipe in here (if not then I’ll get it offline.)


The Glam Guide by Fleur de Force

Beauty vlogger Fleur de Force came out with this book about a couple years ago and I’ve always wanted to read it, but now that I found it I just had to snap it up and read it because it looks good and I did flip through it, and it looks good (though I just skimmed through it.)


Balancing in Heels: My Journey to Health, Happiness and Making it all Work by Kristin Cavallari

Remember her? Remember Kristin from Laguna Beach, then from Laguna Beach to The Hills when Lauren left? I do. And also, do you know her husband, Jay Cutler, who plays for the Miami Dolphins? Yeah that Kristin. She wrote a book and I can’t wait to read it because I’ve been wondering what she’s been up to since the last time we saw her.


Beauty Rules by Bobbi Brown

Soooooo…………does anyone know how to do their makeup really well? Anyone? Well how about any beginners out there *raises hand* anyone? Anyone? Well in all realness, I’m terrible with makeup-the only thing I have close to it are lipsticks and a Stila In the Light Palette (which I am gonna get something else real soon to replace it) and I wanted to pick it up to see what tips I can pick up and maybe use in my life one of these damn days…

3 Book Reviews in One Post? Awe Yisss.

Hey y’all!

So last night before “the night the lights went out in Georgia” *Julia from Designing Women’s voice* last night (well to me it is) I wrote three book reviews and I thought, Instead of doing them seperately, how about I just do all three in one post? So that’s what you’re going to get today, and I hope you enjoy them.

The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side (Miss Marple, #9)The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side by Agatha Christie

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So this was my first Agatha Christie Miss Marple novel and let me say, this book was different than any other novel I’ve read. First off, it was funny at some parts, and secondly, it had me thinking, challenging me to figure out who did it-I was even thinking that the drug in Heather Babcock’s drink was weed once (and I actually ran with that before I realized that someone roofied her, and thus the silly notion of someone slipping some weed in a drink was crushed, though that would be honestly weird and funny for someone to do that) but for the intended victim, Marina Gregg, to go completely crazy and actually do all those things to those pour people (Giesuppe getting shot, Elia Zelinsky dying while taking medicine, sending those horrible notes to herself-like why) and also is completely paranoid about everything to the point that she had to go to an aslyum for treatment because of many things:

1.) She wanted a child of her very own, so she adopted some and tried with her husband (#2 I believe it was) until she finally had one of her own; but thanks to German measles she had developed earlier in the pregnancy, the child turned out to be mentally challenged.

2.) Marina Gregg is insane enough that once someone dies at her own housewarming (or house show), that before the murder actually happened, she had a look on her face when she stared at a painting of a mother being happy with her child, reminding her that she cannot have a child of her own, driving her to insanity and then her saddened death (took a bunch of sleeping pills, which I think she just killed herself because she couldn’t take it anymore)

And her husband…Jason Rudd, poor man…he watched over her, watched her go insane and wanted to take her out of the country to protect her, to keep her away from the one that’s tormenting her (which was herself, of course-well it looked like it to me). And I also found it weird that Heather actually spilled her drink all over herself, like she really wanted to do it and not by accident.

I actually enjoyed myself reading this book and I want to read more Agatha Christie novels real soon. Also, Marina Gregg reminded me of Niklaus Mikealson from The Originals with his paranoia, but all except his just went to the extreme while Marina’s was getting close to getting extreme.

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How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad HabitsHow to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits by Anne Berest

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ever since this book came out, I’ve always wanted to read it. Now that I’ve read it I actually enjoyed reading it. It was witty, made me laugh a couple times, got me thinking about some of the points in the book, and also keep some advice in mind. How to be Parisian Wherever You Are gives examples of how the Parisian lives, have parties, fall in love, their style and how they spend a day.

It also have little recipes that the Parisian has in her repertoire, like Lemon Chicken, crepes, and Ile Flottante (Floating Island) and they all sound delicious. The book also mentions style, like What You Won’t Find in Her Closet, Au Naturel, and A Mother With Flaws and other things Parisian that makes me want to actually go to Paris one of these days when I have the money to do so…or I’ll find a rich man to take me (har de har). But it does make a girl dream, doesn’t it?

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The Best of Thanksgiving (Williams-Sonoma): Recipes and Inspiration for a Festive Holiday MealThe Best of Thanksgiving (Williams-Sonoma): Recipes and Inspiration for a Festive Holiday Meal by Williams-Sonoma

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Brace yourselves: Thanksgiving is coming….(a week from now, actually)

On Thursday, November 23, everyone will come to the dinner table surrounded by friends and family and eat a great dinner, either at the grandparents’ house or having a Friendsgiving, bringing the wine and the foods that you made at home, and not going shopping on Black Friday (even though I must admit the prices are really good on Black Friday, but I digress…) that starts on Thanksgiving, but thank god all stores will be closed when Thanksgiving arrives and then people can eat, be with their families, and have fun.

With The Best of Thanksgiving, Williams-Sonoma brings the forgotten (I say forgotten because it’s becoming a forgotten holiday…like WTF y’all) holiday back with great dishes, pictures of food that’ll make many foodie drool and make your stomach growl (mine did each time I looked at the recipes and the photos) and makes you want to make some (or all) of these dishes for Thanksgiving.

The cookbook is broken down into thirteen sections for you to read and devour over-from recipes for Boozy Ice Cream, Classic Roasted Turkey, Corn Bread Stuffing with Apple, Ham and Fennel, Mash Potatoes with Herb-Infused Cream and to top it all off, a Apple Crumb Pie. And with that turkey and stuffing you got your cranberry sause and your Turkey gravy complele with drinks (wine for grown folks, coke and kool-aid for the kids-mostly kool-aid) your Thanksgiving meal is complete. I even wrote down a couple recipes from this book and now I really wanna make them and try them one day, see if they’re really good (or just one day buy the actual book) and also recreate the table settings in the book, including the cover because I would be there with a bunch of my friends or people dead or alive that I would have Thanksgiving with…like Vox Machina (the whole cast) and Daenerys Targaryen…also Tessa, Will and Jem…oh and I can’t forget Magnus and Alec, and of course, Mr. Mayonnaise himself, Stephen Amell (because his twitter is hilarious and it makes me laugh so much) and some others (yep it’ll be a big table).

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Book Review: All in Good Taste by Kate Spade New York

All In Good TasteAll In Good Taste by kate spade new york

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

All in Good Taste was a really fantastic book. I loved the photos and the quotes that pop at you. The ideas for the parties (and kid’s parties as well) were also very fun to read. I’m a twenty-something year old girl and I couldn’t help but love everything they covered in this book. I imagined the parties I would throw in my amazing apartment one day, having many friends over and throwing the parties that are in the book, along with actually making some of the recipes in the book. Even though you can’t call this a cookbook, it does give you some great ideas on what to serve at your next party and they ever sprinkled a little bit of cocktail recipes in the book as well.

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A Very Long Book Haul

Hey y’all!

So sorry that I haven’t posted anything in two months-school started and things started slipping my mind since I’m now a graduate of GMC and is now looking at four year colleges so I can be an English Major (right now, Georgia State University is looking mighty good right now, including Emory University….but I’m still looking and oddly, I’m thinking about actually going to school downtown….and also I’m looking at Clark Atlanta University) and I’ve accuired some books over the two months and I thought I’d share it with you guys.


All in Good Taste by Kate Spade New York

So I LOVE Kate Spade New York (even though they’re bloody expensive and I have to drool at their purses and shirts) but All in Good Taste is honestly beautiful. I love the typography, the photos, even the drawings they have that just makes the book more special-they even have recipes that sound good, like cheese fondue (I can’t cook, so reading the recipes makes me want to learn how to cook and actually maybe one day have friends over to enjoy the food).


How to be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits by Anne Berest, Audrey Duncan, Caroline de Maigret and Sophie Mae

I’ve always wanted to read this book-this book has been on my TBR for a very long time when it came out and I’m finally reading it. It’s a really a good book (a bit of some spoilers for my book review coming soon) and it does have some advice and really good photogenic pictures.


Lauren Conrad: Celebrate by Lauren Conrad

Ahhh Lauren, LC, the girl I watched when Laguna Beach was on, then you went to The Hills and from the Hills you’ve written two book series, and now you’re writing self-help/ideas books, like Beauty and now Celebrate. I’m going to read you when I get done with Kate Spade or the Parisians, because you have great style and I love the way you write and explain things. Also I am going to buy the rest of your books one day.


Williams-Sonoma: The Best of Thanksgiving: Recipes and Inspiration for a Festive Holiday Meal by Williams-Sonoma

Guys…THANKSGIVING IS COMING. Even though the stores are skipping pass this wonderful holiday (why stores WHY), this book talks about the elegance of Thanksgiving (well to me it is) and it has a bunch of recipes (like the rest of the books) and I can’t wait to read you as well.


Perfectly Matched: a novel in the Blue Willow Series by Maggie Brendan

I’ve read this first book of the Blue Willow Brides series and just loved it, loved it so much that I wanted to read more of them. And then I found this one at the library and I just HAD to get it. Its the last book anyway but I don’t care-I WANT TO READ IT.


The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side: A Miss Marple Mystery by Agatha Christie

Soooo….true story….I’ve never read an Agatha Christie novel. I’ve listened to the audiobook of the Murder on the Orient Express (and I will see that movie, dammit) and that was it. Then I picked this one up and I was interested in it…though I’m still confused how the girl died by drinking something. that wasn’t meant for her. No spoilers please I’m still reading this and figuring it out.


Servant of the Bones by Anne Rice

My second Anne Rice novel that I haven’t read yet, but it might be next year when I read it, along with the other books that are on my long TBR list. Servant of the Bones sounds like a really good book, especially when it deals with an angel.


The Vampire Diaries: The Fury and Dark Reunion by L.J. Smith

Even though the show spawned eight seasons, I refuse to watch it, even though right now I’m currently watching the spinoff the Originals on Netflix. I like the book version better, mainly because I can imagine things in the book instead of picturing the show version of the book…even though I have a Stefan bag (#noshame-that was back when the show came on and it was really good).


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

Never owned a copy of the book until now. That is all.


Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

I’ve seen the movie but I never ever read the book before-until now. I’m glad I grabbed this version of Jane Eyre and I will read this one along with Wuthering Heights soon..really soon.


Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding

I’ve read this book once-just once-and I DNFed it. Now I’m going to read it again, mostly because this book got be back writing in diaries again, even though they’re online and everyone can read them. I have seen the movie and it was really funny, and I’ve always wanted to read the books too.


Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice

Ahh, Louis…such whining, Louis….are you tired of listening to this? I’ve been listening to that for 400 (I think) years now…
Oh hello nostalgia, my old friends Louis, Lestat and Claudia. I’ve missed you since I’ve seen the movie when I was young, and now I have you in book form so I can read you over and over again, as long as I wish. You would be a Halloween book, but any year and any day to me I’ll get to read you and enjoy you, and join you in your adventures.
So those are all the books I’ve brought (and currently reading and I think I wrote that Lestat quote wrong) that is on my TBR list and that I’m going to read really soon once I get done with the first three books (Kate Spade, Parisian and Agatha Christie) and also I’m going to posting up a bunch of book reviews soon for The Assassin’s Blade and Exlie while doing some transferring to schools and also doing college tours of the schools so yay and also go to my personal blog (rebellereine) where I’m going to post things about my life and thoughts and more things about D&D!!!