New Year, New…Me, Maybe?


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Hey y’all, and first off Happy New Years, even though it’s a few weeks late and lately I’ve been busy doing things-like reading four books into the New Year Reading Challenge and applying to colleges. Yes-I, Brittany, am applying to colleges now. I have only applied to Georgia State University in Downtown Atlanta, but I am going to do Clark Atlanta University and then maybe Kennesaw State University again when I get a chance. I’m also going to blog on here whenever I get a chance because I miss blogging on here so much, and soon I will do a book review on those four books I’ve read already this year, and already on my fifth book.

But like some (or everyone) I do have some New Year’s Resolutions that I’m not breaking (which is awesome, by the way) so here’s my Resolutions:

  1. Apply to colleges and wait and see what college I’m going to get into
  2. Learn how to drive and get my driver’s licence
  3. Go to more concerts that I will enjoy
  4. Read more classic novels that I will enjoy
  5. Write more and actually write a novel
  6. Go on a trip by myself one day or with friends
  7. Blog on here more about my life or start my own personal/lifestyle blog
  8. Play more D&D

So what are your New Years Resolutions, if you make some?


….I’m Getting on a Plane

Hey y’all!

When you read this post, I may or may not be on a flight right now coming back home because I’m on a plane. For the first time ever. Like I’m excited and also terrified because I don’t know what’s gonna happen when I get there. I don’t know if the plane’s gonna crash or what! But I all I know is that I gotta get up tomorrow morning and check in, get my Starbucks (because goddammit I’d be needin’ my Starbucks!!!) and then try to relax once we board on the plane. But to help me on this flight, here’s my buddy Dierks Bentley singing about drinking on planes (though mine isn’t gonna be that long of a flight).

Decisions, Decisions….


Hey y’all!

So last night I stared at my personal blog (that is now gone) and I was also reading the blog Inthefrow and looking at blog layouts and it got me wondering: what if I want to make a blog and host it. But looking at hosting sites and looking at the price (like one was 148 something dollars) and it honestly scared me. Do I really want to do that? Pay a hosting site every month, every year, to have a blog where everyone comes, read my content, and maybe enjoy it?

I want to, though right now I don’t see it in my budget. Maybe next year when I go to a four year college (gonna tour Emory and Georgia State University) and I decided to right now turn this blog into a book and a lifestyle blog where I post things about books (mostly) and snippets about my life, like random photos and maybe some good shows I’ve been watching lately, things I’m lusting/got and things like that, because I missed doing that, even though I do that for books as well. And also I want to study English Lit/Mass Communications when I get into a four year college and get a job one day (or after I graduate).


Two Books I’m Going to Try and Read This Month

Hey, y’all!

So after my little book slump in June (where I try and read Nora Roberts, but stopped and put it down), I picked up two books that helped me to get out of it, making me find more books from Barnes and Nobles and some from my personal library that I haven’t read yet (*puts Kim Kardashian ‘tragic’ gif here*) so here’s the two books I’m going to try and read this month and beyond.




Awakened: A House of Night novel by P.C. and Kristin Cast

A Storm of Swords: book three of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin

Happy 3-Year Anniversary to RebelleFleurx!


Three years.

Three years on WordPress blogging about my life at first, then this blog turned into a book blog because I loved blogging about books, posting up book reviews of the books I’m reading, and sometimes blog about life a little bit. But honestly I’d never thought I’d make it three years on this blog, but I did. And I started this blog at school because I felt like no one was reading my original blog on Blogger. And now that it has been three years of me blogging about books, I’m glad I’ve made the right choice-because I love this blog so much.

This blog is my baby, like the Winchester’s Car, and I’m glad that I’ve been here this long. So poor the bubby, folks, because I don’t think I’ll ever leave WordPress ever.

And also, to the peeps reading my blog every time I post, thank you. From the bottom of my heart-thank y’all so much.

Books I Really Want Really Badly (But I Have to Wait)

Hey y’all!!!

Sorry I haven’t been on in a long time-school started and it’s currently kicking my arse, and that all I’ve been reading is All the Weyrs of Pern (if you follow me on GoodReads, Twitter or somewhere else, then you’ll know) and I’ve also been playing my PlayStation 3 and watching TV/episodes I’ve been recording lately because of school and me just being lazy AF (sadly I am lazy…sometimes not all the time) so today I thought I share with you some books I’ve always wanted really really badly (because I’m broke and I can’t get any books at the moment) So let’s get started on the books I really really want…really really badly.


  1. Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

This is the last and final book of the Infernal Devices series, and I really, really wanna get it and read it so bad (if you’ve seen my reviews for Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince, then what are you doing and go and read them or just buy them and read this awesome series!!) and I really wanna know what happened in the end-and I am debating on weather or not if I wanna read the Mortal Insterments before I read her new book.

throne of glass series

2. Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire, The Assassin’s Blade and Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

I LOVED LOVED LOVED the first book of this series and it was beautiful-perfectly written. After I’ve read the first book, I WANTED TO READ MOAR. I loved Celeana, I loved the world buliding, the Wyrdmarks, EVERTHING. And on top of that, she’s coming out with a new book called Empire of Storms, AND RIGHT NOW MY BODY ISN’T READY. IT’S NOT, OKAY?!


3. The Rest of the Lunar Chronicles

I really loved Cinder and the idea of a fairy tale retelling-especially when I happen to be in love with fantasy and sci-fi. I’ve seen this book everywhere on bookstagram and I really wanna finish this book series SO FRICKIN’ BAD, YO. REALLY BAD.


4. How to be Single by Liz Tuccillo

Yes, I’ve always wanted to read this book-and oddly, I’m listening to it as an audiobook, but I really wanna own this book. It’s very interesting and I am enjoying it a lot, and that sometimes a gal needs a break from the YA/Fantasy books I’ve been reading lately…and yell at practically every male that does something stupid.


5. The Black Jewel Trilogy by Anne Bishop

Now I have the third book of this series (Queen of the Darkness) and I have read Shalador’s Lady (and it was fantastic) and I’ve always wanted to read this series SO BAD. So maybe one day I’ll go to the bookstore and buy the first two books of this series so I can read it and love it like I did Shalador’s Lady.


6. The Falling Kingdom Series by Morgan Rhodes

Now everyone and their grandma has possibly read this series, and I’m the only one who hasn’t. It looks interesting and I really wanna read this book so badly! It looks fun and there’s a new book coming out really soon (the cover had come out) and now I really wanna read it so I can see if it’s really good.


7. The Rest of the House of Night Series

Now I have Marked, Hunted, Tempted and Burned and Awakened, but I don’t have the rest of the books of this amazing series. I want to get all of them-Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed, Destined, Hidden, Revealed and Redeemed. I also got the novella Dragon’s Oath, and I want the last two as well, Lenobia’s Vow, Neferet’s Curse and Kalona’s Fall. I’ve been in love with this series the moment I’ve read Marked in high school and I really wanna finish this series so bad!


8. Since You’ve Been Gone by Megan Matson

Now this book sounds interesting to me-a girl’s best friend has gone missing, and she leaves a list for the girl to do while she’s trying to find her (I believe that’s right?) and I wanted to read it really badly. (along with the rest of the books on this list)


9. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before & P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han

Now I’ve never read a Jenny Han book-but these two books (second one not pictured) has been on my TBR list since they came out. I’ve always wanted to read them so bad and maybe this year I’d get to read them….


10. The Name of the Wind series by Patrick Rothfuss

This is the last and final book on this list of books I really really wanna read-and the Name of the Wind series sounds perfect. I’ve seen PersueProject read this huge book and it really makes me wanna pick this book up and read it. I know it’s a long book, but if I can read frickin’ Game of Thrones and the Wheel of Time series, I can read this book. I can. I’m going to…why the heck am I still writing about this book I don’t know…

So that’s all the books I’ve wanted to read since forever. I’ve also linked up the book reviews of the books I’ve read that I loved. If there is more books I wanna read really really badly (which I know it is) I might do a part two to this (maybe without making it hella long?)

A New Dungeons and Dragons Movie?!

So yesterday, as I was chillin’ like a villian, watching my favorite booktubers on YouTube, I randomly looked up Dungeons and Dragons….and came across this…..

Y’ALL….I think the D&D Lords are testing me right now. ¬†LIKE PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS IS TRUE.

If you haven’t noticed…I’m a huge fan of Dungeons and Dragons (even though for the love of god I haven’t played the actual game yet) BUT some bits of the D&D Novels have been on here for review and honestly I love the books and I wanna play the game one day. Even though I have to wait for Warcraft (the movie…with Travis Fimmel….LIKE HURRY UP I CAN’T WAIT) and then the new Alice in Wonderland movie trailer came out this morning (I WANNA SEE THAT TOO…LIKE HURRY UP MAY) but hearing that there will be another Dungeons and Dragons movie?

(also…I found this too on Nerdist News….)